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Ascotek provides a wide array of home automation services that are made custom to your needs and we are proud to introduce our Smart Home Automation System "ASCA".

  • Intelligent
  • Reliable
  • Expandable
  • Affordable
  • No Monthly Fee

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Convert your Single - Zone HVAC system into Virtual Smart Multi - Zone Solution

Our Smart Home systems can be easily installed for any type of home, regardless if itís a new construction, renovation or just retrofitting. Most of our equipment operates on a wireless network and is powered by lithium batteries, lasting for several years. Installation is quick and easy by our professional staff, and you will have a convenient automated home in a weekís time.

Thanks to the latest smart technologies, "ASCA" reduces the time you spend on simple tasks, improves life quality of your family and allows for real savings that result from the enhancement of your house management.

We take care of the big and important "must have" things, such as

  • Security and Video Surveillance for your family from unwelcome guests
  • Safety for your house in event of detecting smoke or water / gas leak
  • Energy Management to help you understand and cut your expenses
  • Smart Climate Control for comfortable living
  • Irrigation System Control to optimize your water bill

We also take care of the little things that will save you time and make life easier and more convenient, such as

  • Lights and window shades control
  • Audio entertainment systems
  • Control of small & major appliances

There are countless other smart devices that can be installed and automated with "ASCA" Smart Home.

Fibaro Aeotec Honeywell Global Cache Foscam Nest
Phillips HUE Remotec Qubino Sonos Insteon Zipato

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